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Humidor- Capacity 400-500* Pcs Cigars


Humidor- Capacity 400-500* Pcs Cigars

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  • Storage Quantity: Approx. 400-500 (Pcs) Varies According To The Size Of The Cigar,
  • Compressor: R600A,
  • Rated Power: 120W,
  • Rated Voltage: 220V-240V/110V, Temperature: 5-22 C
  • Humidity Range: 60%≤Rh≤75%,
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Product Size: W595*D600*H860Mm
  • Pick Size: W650*D665*H900Mm
  • N.W/G.W: 46Kg/51 Kg
  • Black

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Taking Care Of The Cigar Freshness And Humidity Could Be A Very Difficult Task. Thanks To Our Electric Humidor This is Possible Hassle-Free. All Humidors Come With A Built-In Thermostat And Humidity Level Can Be Adjusted Easily.

Prior of Humidor Usage:
1. Open the package and check the accessories.
2. Place and install the humidor in a dry, and well-ventilated area. Do not place it near any heat source, such as an area with direct heat exposure from the sun or near the oven. The higher the temperature inside the house, the more power it consumes.
3. The room temperature should be between +10C to +38C.
4. Ventilation – it is recommended to place the Humidor near to the wall in order to get well-ventilation, don’t cover the air vent.
5. Adjust the legs to make sure it is in a horizontal position.
6. The Humidor is covered with plastic to protect it during transportation and can be removed after placing it before usage.

Important Note:
In order to keep all the systems running well, do not connect the power while placing the Humidor. Wait for about one or two hours before plugging the device. For the first usage add 750ml water to the water tank.

When the Humidor is used in an area with high humidity, it is recommended to always monitor the level of humidity showing on the screen. Should the humidity level
be very high, we recommend using a cloth to wipe the excess water and remove water from the water tank. If the humidor is being used in a dry area we recommend adding between 500-1000ml water in the water tank for the first usage. Always monitor the humidity level displays to make sure the humidity level is in the right percentage. The humidity level showing low, then, we recommend adding 500ml water inside.

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