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27 Pcs Accompanist Tea & Coffee Set


27 Pcs Accompanist Tea & Coffee Set

AED2,698.00 AED2,023.50

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Short Description


  • Bone China


  • Set Includes
    Accompanist Tea Cup Set of 6 – Measures: C:240ml
    Accompanist Tea Saucer Set of 6 – Measures: Ø15cm
    Accompanist A.D. Coffee Cup Set of 6 – Measures: C:90ml
    Accompanist A.D. Coffee Saucer Set of 6 – Measures: Ø12cm
    Accompanist Teapot W/Cover Set of 1 – Measures: C:1280ml
    Accompanist Sugar Bowl W/Cover Set f 1 – Measures: C:390ml
    Accompanist Creamer Set of 1 – Measures: C:320ml


  • Dishwasher Safe

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4886L/93687C, 4886L/93687S, 4886L/97294C, 4886L/97294S, 4886L/93623, 4886L/93622, 4886L/93628

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Accompanist is the epitome of simple elegance featuring a single gold rim on a lustrously glazed white bone china. Rich gold accents on the cup handle and other accessory pieces add a touch of distinction that gives the pattern a sophistication that will never go out of style. The simplicity of the pattern makes its own statement, and at the same time provides a backdrop for any table setting theme.

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White Gold






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